Assessment & Evaluation

We provide automation solution for the conduction of OMR based exam for Admission Tests, Monthly Exams, Appraisal Exams etc. We have experience in conducting several such exams & provide following services related to OMR based exam :

  • *  Preparation of the Template of the OMR Sheet
  • *  Designing of OMR Sheet as per requirement of client
  • *  Scanning of OMR Sheet in a specially designed OMR Scanner
  • *  Printing of colored 120 GSM OMR Sheets
  • *  Verifying & Correcting the data (if any; due to tampering of OMR sheet, not darkening of Registration No. bubble).
  • *  Installation and Keeping backup of necessary number of hardware such as laptops, scanners etc.
  • *  Installation of the required software with sufficient number of nodes.
  • *  Evaluation of OMR Sheets
  • *  Deputation of sufficient manpower to generate result in stipulated time
  • *  Generation of Reports according to the client’s requirement.
  • *  Merging of Generated Report to School’s Database.
  • *  Preparation of the sorted list of selected students according to the requirement of the school which can be further uploaded in the website.
  • *  The reports can be provided in excel format so that it can be easily filtered according to the requirement of the school as and when required.