“Solution for evaluating academic performance” ‘PARINAM’ is an integrated package to computerize academic performance of students in a school. It leads to quality and efficient management of the overall process of analyzing academic performance & making C.C.E. based report cards. It minimizes the laborious and time consuming work of repetitive marks entry. With this module only the subject wise marks and indicators against different activities & areas (under formative and summative assessment) has to be fed in the computer and all the analysis & reports related to academic performance of students are done by itself.
All calculations required in report card preparation like ‘conversion of marks into grades’, ‘calculation of percentage of marks from formative assessment and summative assessment’, ‘calculation of term totals’, ‘grand total’, ‘conversion of grand total to grades for scholastic areas & co-scholastic areas on 3 point scale and 5 point scale’ etc. are done automatically by the software. While the manual system takes a number of days in preparation of report cards, this software does the same work with only few mouse clicks. Student’s Personal Details, Student’s health details, Attendance, etc. are automatically embedded in the report card. The system is accurate and reliable as there is no chance of manual errors in calculation of percentage, term total, grand total etc. This software is based on latest guidelines of Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), for C.C.E. (evaluation).

It helps to generate various reports including the following :

  • Report Cards for Term End Exams
  • Grade Sheets for all types of Assessments
  • Mark List as per Examination Type
  • Grade wise Result Statement
  • Marks wise Result Statement
  • Rank – wise Result Statement
  • Subject wise Performance Analysis
  • Toppers List Class wise
  • Toppers List Subject wise
  • QPI Report
  • Teacher’s Performance Report according to class, section & subject. etc.
  • Activities Report
  • Co-scholastic Skills Report
  • Co-scholastic Activity Report
  • Student Improvement Report

PARINAM is fully customizable and can be customized as per the school requirements. It saves precious time of class teachers and school administrators, so that they can utilize their time more on academics than being involved in clerical work. C.B.S.E. has selected ‘SOFT Solution’ For release of RFP for C.C.E. packages in School. (Ref. Website, Circular dated 7th March 2011).

Features of ‘PARINAM’

  • Customizable
  • User-friendly
  • Robust Security
  • Easy Report Generation Facility
  • Cost-Effective
  • Centralized Database
  • Customized Descriptive Indicators in Report Cards