Book Publication

Book Publication

With years of experience in imparting Computer Education in different Schools, the I.T. Scholars realized the need of proper study-materials that can be given to students for better learning about computers. This made MICA to step into writing and publishing of Computer Text books during 2001-02.

Now a unit of MICA Educational Comp P. Ltd.  (MICA) Educo Publishers writes, publishes & supplies (only published) computer books.

"The aim of EDUCO PUBLISHERS is to strengthen the interest of the students in Computer and Information Technology, prepare students to deal with real life situation in a more structured and conceptual way, broaden a student's perspective, and to update students about latest I.T. technology and current technological trends around the globe."

It publishes computer books that also helps to prepare the students for Board Exams and strengthen the handling of common packages (to utilize I.T. as a resource in real life), programming languages (for developing logical ability) and fundamentals (to know the basic essence of I.T.) I.T. Publication includes

Computer Text books for school-going students of C.B.S.E and I.C.S.E schools and vocational courses. Its text includes materials that are presented in a simple way that strengthens the handling of common packages, programming languages (for developing logical and reasoning ability) and fundamentals (to know the basic essence of I.T.).

Its book namely "Computers for School" is the most acknowledged book as it is being studied by students of more than 450 Schools. Its contents are based on latest trends in I.T. and are practical-oriented, supported by Lab Assignments. The books are designed in such a way that it generates interest, broadens students perspective and helps to learn applications that would be helpful for them in professional life. The topics of books are selected in such a way that it suffices all purpose of learning computers as a subject in a School. Each of its book includes topics that covers fundamentals (for basic concepts), a language ( for improving logical & reasoning ability) and a package ( so as to use I.T. tools for useful appliance).

Its contents are based on latest trends and developments in I.T. and are practical-oriented, supported by Lab Assignments in between the chapters with impressive colorful layouts and explanatory diagrams. Educom Publishers work closely with teachers, educational advisors, I.T. Experts and Children regularly for continuously developing and ensuring the quality of I.T. Education. It has also developed some Educational Software's (like INTERNET DEMO, FUN-KEY & COMPU-TUTOR) that are provided as FREE for the readers.

MICA is also taking efforts to bring about awareness for usage of Freeware (by promoting LINUX, packages, MySQL etc), with the help of study materials as provided in its books. It strongly believes in cutting the cost to nation i.e. by bringing a trend where the citizens do not need to use pirated software or pay for software and packages.