Mica Education Company Pvt. Ltd.

MICA Educational Co. Pvt. Ltd. is an organization of scholars which aims to create an educated and peaceful society by extending co-operation, honesty and enlightenment in the process of hard work towards the goal of learning.


MICA has always championed for the cause of happiness and satisfaction among its people, clients& society as a whole.

MICA keeps organizing social and in-house activities viz. I.T.-based competitions, Training camps, I.T. quiz contests, Celebrations, Sports league, Picnics etc. It also organizes social activities amongst the underprivileged. It acts to create a platform at MICA where all are equal irrespective of religion, caste, class, profession or designation.


I.T. Talent Search

‘Because every Expert was once an Amateur Talent’

MICA had been conducting different types of formative learning activities to make computer learning interesting and easier. Consequently, from the year 2005, it started to conduct I.T. quiz contests in schools. With the overwhelming response and demand, it came forward with the idea of organizing All Jharkhand I.T. talent search (ITTSE) from 2007, a flagship event of MICA.

‘All Jharkhand I.T. Talent Search’ is a state-level competition that aims to encourage and instila fervent desire amongst students to gain more knowledge about Computers and Information technology and to identify the hidden talents who have the perfect blend of aptitude and tenacity to meet the rigorous demands of the ever-changing I.T. scenario worldwide.

It provides a common platform for students from rural as well as urban areas so that they can share their views, knowledge and get exposed to a competitive environment in a wider spectrum.

The overwhelming response from various schools and students has turned ITTSE into a major eventthat got rechristened as ‘Udaan’ in 2015 as it was sponsored by the Government of Jharkhand.

MICA holds the extraordinary record of enabling participation of about 7 lakhs students from Government schools, Government aided schools and Private schools in its event.

School @ Tender Age

‘First step is most Important’

With long experience in education and teaching in schools, MICA took an initiative to sponsor and set up an educational hub by shaping kids for excellence at tender age so as to ignite future with a better start as it believes that every child has some or the other talent and MICAns can explore and nurture them.

MICA’s social wing MINERVA established ‘Bachpan Play School’ at New Anantpur, Doranda, Ranchi. Its prime focus is to lay ethical foundation, develop imagination, creativity, learning, and all-round development of the children through a series of deliberately designed fun activities like woven stories, songs, make & do crafts, skits, dance, kitchenettes etc. The play school provides child-friendly environment where every child is provided personal care by specialist teachers and mentors for the value-driven quality learning experience.

It works to cater to the needs of toddlers so that their childhood experiences become a precious memory to preserve for lifetime and gets filled up with joy, play, love and happy learning.

Education @ Needy & Adrift


MICA enjoys grooming children of all classes and looks forward to take care of the underprivileged children who have drifted away from mainstream. It works at grass roots level to increase awareness, provide opportunity with moral and quality education in order to empower them and bring them in the forefront. With this objective it conducts free evening classes at New Anantpur, where children of the locality benefit themselves under proper guidance.

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