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I.T Education in School

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MICA Educational Co. Pvt. Ltd. is a quality certified organization of scholars serving the society since the past 20 years with an aim to offer modernity, nobility and social well-being through cutting edge services in IT Education, Skill Based Training, Software Development, Hardware Maintenance, Grievance Redressal, Publication of Computer Text Books and Organizing IT Related Activities and Competitions.

It is dedicated to make a better India by enhancing skills and providing platform to amateurs for the purpose of beginning career and to successfully compete in the arena of application of emerging trends & technology to develop suaveness in the society.

It is a team of hundreds of companions which is still counting. With its exemplary team work MICA has made its leading presence in Jharkhand and has also been successful in establishing its presence in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha.

MICA endeavors to fulfill its objectives and the needs of its clients and keeps innovating for new developments in all the gamuts of Education and Information Technology. With enriched experience and application of tools in different sectors, it has expanded into separate units to serve society as per specific needs of its clients by providing expertise through its subsidiaries.


“To bring satisfaction and happiness among all associates (MICAns and Clients). This puts me into an obligation to be honest, sincere, co-operative & provide best quality services and work hard together in a playful environment to generate productivity & self-respect in the society and also to enhance the package of each MICAn by considerable growth every year."

- Dr. Sanjay Jain

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MICA craves for excellence. It is an organization with a goal to make people compatible with emerging trends and technology. The organization is focused on providing uncompromised IT solution to its customers and partners alike.

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